50 new clubs and an exclusive deal with True Fitness

Recently GymAround has seen an influx of many high quality clubs. The global network is now actually gaining momentum. The last months we have seen health clubs joining from cities like Rome, Moscow, Melbourne, Singapore, Paris, Cape Town and Istanbul. Our most recent success is the partnering with True Fitness as our dedicated partner in Asia. GymAround is excited that an important player like True Group recognizes the potential of GymAround. In the upcoming weeks we will add all 30 clubs to our network and have a 'truely' global presence.

This year GymAround has made some changes to its business model. Now, GymAround is a specialized global fitness network where members buy instant discount vouchers and clubs receive additional visitors. This has created a wonderful buzz, making clubs want to join and having more and more travelers actually use our network. Our most recent success is the partnering with True Fitness as our exclusive partner in Asia. The True Group is one of Asia’s largest fitness and wellness groups which mainly consist of businesses in Fitness and Yoga, with secondary businesses in Spa and Aesthetics in selected regional markets. Established in late 2004 in Singapore by Founder and Group CEO Mr Patrick Wee, this Singapore brand has established its presence in five countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and China. Currently, the True Group has 31 high quality centres in the best locations and now has more than 200,000 members across the region.

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About GymAround.com

The world is getting smaller and smaller. But traveling is still very tiresome and sometimes even unhealthy. GymAround is about creating a fit and healthy (business) trip. We believe that having an apt workout while traveling can make all the difference. We are passionate about keeping traveling professionals fit, healthy and focussed. 

Everyday GymAround helps business travelers to find pre selected, high-end fitness and health clubs - all over the world. The GymAround concept is easy; Members can buy discounted day passes and have guaranteed access to a group of hand picked quality fitness clubs. Clubs get extra high-class visitors and all club members can of course make use of the network.